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Puppy Paws

Lifeskills & Problem prevention class

Give your puppy a headstart with our class.

Using game based puppy training. This method is not only fun, fast, and easy to learn for both you and your dog, it's also based in science!


Games prepare your puppy for their future life, allowing them to approach each new and exciting situation with  the right skills, minimizing fallout,  bad choices and bad experiences

We only use positive reinforcement methods in our training. We use treats and toys to reward your dog and if your dog finds something rewarding they are more likely to repeat it. We will only ever use, kind, fair and effective methods to train your pet.  

The Benefits of this class are:

  • Socialization & fear prevention.  Avoid the pitfalls that can lead to your puppy developing fearful and aggressive behaviours.

  • The right way to toilet training, faster and simple

  • How to control play biting

  • No more chewing the furniture and shoes

  • Physical & mental exercise to tire out puppy

  • Focus on you, even around distractions!

  • Greeting people and dogs politely

  • Recall games- a puppy who loves to come to you when called

  •  Skills for great loose lead walking

  • Sit 

  • Down 

  • Relax on your bed, teaching you puppy how to be calm

  • A puppy who will love to be groomed and handled and sill stay calm and relaxed.

  • Puppy will learn to "leave it" through games of choice.

  • Preventing possessiveness, teaching puppy sharing is good

  • Teaching pup that being alone is ok.  Preventing separation anxiety

  • How to play nicely with other dogs and understanding body language

  • All our classes our based around games.  Learning though games is a innovative and inspired training system that brings amazing results

  • Small groups for maximum learning and individual attention.