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Getting an puppy for the first time or even if you have had dogs before can be daunting. So much conflicting information, you are trying to do your best to get everything right to give your new puppy the best start.

I understand how confusing it can be, how you have read all the books, but are more confused than when you started. Add young children into the mix and its easy to end up stressed and wondering what happened to the life with your new puppy you had imagined.


I'm here to help.

I have helped many families just like yours.  I am also the owner of a very lively puppy myself.   I am passionate about helping families and supporting you in giving your puppy the best start in life.  I have completed many training programmes and have recently completed one of the most upto date puppy courses ran by the School of Canine Science, who have had several Dog training programmes on UK TV.

I am also a Pro Dog trainer with Absolute Dogs.

I have programmes to help your through puppies first week at home to a 4 week in home programme and our specialist programme for Families with young children 

Your in home sessions will include:
  • Socialization & fear prevention.  Avoid the pitfalls that can lead to your puppy developing fearful and aggressive behaviours.

  • Puppy proof your house and Crate training

  • The right way to toilet training, faster and simple

  • How to control play biting

  • No more chewing the furniture and shoes

  • Physical & mental exercise to tire out puppy

  • Focus on you, even around distractions!

  • A polite puppy who will learn to automatically sit to meet people 

  • Come when called


  • Learn to walk nicely on lead

  • Sit 

  • Down 

  • Relax on your bed, teaching you puppy how to be calm

  • Puppy will learn  "leave it"

  • Preventing possessiveness, teaching puppy sharing is good

  • Teaching pup that being alone is ok.  Preventing separation anxiety

Puppy Welcome 

Perfect for when you first bring your new puppy home. Learn about crate training, toilet training, getting puppy to sleep and much more.

90 minute session £45.00

4 week in home programme

Perfect for if you can't make puppy classes.  Lessons work around your schedule. 


4 x 60 minute sessions £150.00

Got Kids & a New Puppy?

Then you need our Specialist Family Dog programme

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