Agility Foundation Skills for Fun & Confidence
Next Beginners Foundation Class starts on Wednesday 15th April @ 6pm

Classes  held at Early Paws Dog Day Care, Sutton Weaver, Runcorn

121 Agility Training Available

This  7 week foundations class is super fun and very addictive.

Agility is unique and very popular and is the fastest growing dog sport around. Dog Agility consists of a handler directing their dog over and through obstacles using a mixture of verbal and visual cues, working as a team with your dog to get the best from you both.

We believe in the importance of getting it right from the beginning. We start by  teaching you the essential foundations skills you will need to enjoy this fun and active hobby, so we can make sure you get the best from every class and maximum enjoyment. 

 These are our most popular classes,and a class you can do for many years.

Whether you want to learn for fun, fitness or competition we can provide it all.

 We have trained handlers from 7 years old to 70 years old, dogs from Yorkshire Terriers to Newfoundland’s, everyone is welcome to agility.  


Agility is fantastic for all dogs:

  •  It builds confidence in shy or nervous dogs.

  • Teaches focus and control to energetic and over  the top dogs.

  • Keeps your dogs fit and active into old age

  • Mentally and physically tires your dog

  • Fun and social for you and keeps you fit too

  • All sizes and breeds can enjoy agility.

We teach your dog to enjoy all the equipment, we never force your dog to do anything and each session is taken at you and your dogs pace

There are some requirements your dog needs before starting the course.  

  • Dogs should be  8 months  old before doing any foundation training and 12 months to weave and jump

  • We cannot take dogs that have aggression issues towards other dogs or people.

  • Your dog needs to have a recall

  • It helps a lot if your dog really like food or toys or both!

  •  We recommend you join our  Clever Paws course first, if you have not done any obedience or clicker training in the past. This will teach you how to train the basic behaviours and get them solid around distractions and how to get and maintain your dogs interest in you.



We use Kennel Club standard equipment, that is current and safe.  We teach you how to negotiate all the obstacles correctly, and the requirement for each piece of equipment, as some like the contact equipment require that the dogs feet touch a certain area etc.  Once you and your dog can competently use all the equipment we will teach you how to turn and run courses.  Agility is addictive - you have been warned!


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